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2015 was a very trying and rewarding time for the Community Angels Fund. There is and was such a great need in the County. And the Great October Flood just multiplied the needs of our County.

 It seems like we did not accomplish very much in the past year. There was so much going on most of the year that all We did was lost in the whirlwind of activity. So let's take a slow look back and really look at what We actually accomplished.


 We raise funds for the Community Angels Fund in 2 basic ways. We take direct donations to the Charity from individuals and from organizations like Lake Marion Christian Church. Our other source of funds comes from our fund raisers. The sources of funds at the fund raisers are fees charged at the fund raiser and by Sponsors of the fundraisers.

 Lets look at our two main fund raisers for 2015:

 THE ANNUAL COMMUNITY ANGELS FUND CAR SHOW -- was a tremendous success. We partnered with the great town of Summerton, South Carolina. This partnership gave us a new venue for the Car Show. This allowed us to be center city of Summerton and much easier get to for both participants and spectators. So we had the largest number participants we have ever had. We also had significantly more spectators. Overall a great success. Due entirely to the hard work of all the volunteers and the support of the City of Summerton.


THE FIRST ANNUAL SKY LATTERN SUPPER -- was a great success in spite of challenging weather conditions. We had a great turn out and the good Lord gave us a break in the rain and wind so we were able to launch a large number of the sky lanterns. They were spotted by numerous individuals and they said it was a very pretty sight.



We do not know everyone in the County that potentially needs a hand up. So we get  input from local organizations to help put us in touch with people in need. The local Churches are some of our best sources. We will take this type of information from any source. So if you know of someone in need, please let us know.

Following our guideline of 'a hand up -  not a hand out' we accomplished a lot of things in 2015. A few examples:

  • An individual got a job, but needed a car to get to it. We helped them get a car.
  • Several families got behind on their rent due to unplanned circumstances like medical expenses, car repairs ETC. We helped them catch up on their rent.
  • We help a student that was accepted to a school, but she needed supplies. We got her the supplies she needed.
  • We helped with behind on rent and utilities.
  • We also helped with funeral expenses.
  • We helped with gas to go to work.
  • We helped with needed food and medicines.

And then came October and the great Flood.

  • We gave resources to assist families with getting places to stay.
  • We helped families with food.
  • We helped people with supplies to repair and rebuild their homes.
  • We helped families with replacement items like beds and other furniture lost in the flood.
  • We contacted the Community Center in Manning and asked what they needed to help the Flood victims. We then did a targeted drive to collect these items and donated approximately $2000 worth of goods to the Community Center for the Flood Victims.
  • We provided a meal to Camp Bob Cooper for the Flood Victims staying there.

We continue to help with Flood recovery. This will be a long term item. It will take years to fully recover from the Great Flood of 2015. Unfortunately some will never fully recover.

In November we adopted 2 families and provided them with food baskets with all the fixing's so they would have a Thanksgiving dinner.

In December we selected 8 families that were not going to have a Christmas and we provided them presents for everyone in the family. We asked for gift ideas from each member of these families. Most of the adults asked for things for their children, so we asked each of the adults what they would like that they knew they would never have. We tried to make their wishes come true. One example was a single Mother said she would like to have a Mother's ring. With the help of Big T Jewelers who donated the ring we were able to grant her wish.


We also provided some Christmas trees and other needed items. Each family also received a food basket for Christmas dinner. We also sang a Christmas Carol for each family. We tried not to hurt their ears too badly.


All in all, a very busy year. We accomplished so much. But there was so much more that needed doing that we could not accomplish.

We also received our 501(c)(3) accreditation through a lot of hard work by several volunteers.

Looking forward to 2016 -- It will also be a challenging year. Any and all help that can be provided to us will be appreciated. We always need more volunteers, donations and Sponsors. If you would like to help us help the Citizens of Clarendon County please contact us. If you want to see more of what we are doing, or more of our pictures, check us out on our face book page - Community Angels Fund.

May you be Blessed!



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